Dell HPC Solutions

"With diseases like neuroblastoma, hours matter. Our new Dell HPC cluster allows us to do the processing we need to get a meaningful result in a clinically relevant amount of time."

-Jason Corneveaux, Bioinformatician, Neurogenomics Division, the Translational Genomics Research Institute

Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences

Imagine a scenario where you could stand up a fully deployed Linux cluster with massive computing, storage and networking capabilities in the morning and kick off applications to process complex genomic data sets by the afternoon. Though this sounds like an unlikely scenario, thanks to Dell's High Performance Computing (HPC) genomic experts and Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution, we are a lot closer to achieving that goal.
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Simplify the complex with Dell HPC Solutions

Processing complex genomic data sets requires massive compute power, storage and network capabilities. Getting the balance right is critical to success, but without proper support and expertise, it can take months to integrate the necessary computing components and tune them for maximum performance and efficiency.

Meet Your Research Needs

Meet your research needs with a flexible, scalable, efficient high performance computing (HPC) solution developed specifically for genomics workloads. Partnering closely with our customers at the forefront of genomics research, we designed the Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution to help accelerate time to insight in fields as diverse as drug design, cancer research, agriculture, biofuels and forensics. With this first-of-its-kind, end-to-end HPC platform, you can:
  • Reduce genomic analysis workflows from days to hours. Optimize analysis software and data sets across our Active Infrastructure clustered computing grid and high performance file system, capable of processing up to 38 genomes per day on a single system.
  • Empower bioinformatics as a key value enabler. Maximize your R&D budget, maintain compliance and protect confidential data with a secure, cost-effective HPC platform designed to meet growing demands for genomics compute and storage resources.
  • Maximize workforce productivity. Free your resources to focus on science and engineering, not complex infrastructure, with a turnkey solution - built, tested and supported by Dell - that deploys in weeks, not months.

Optimized for Cost, Performance, Density and Power

Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences is a complete, integrated platform of modular high performance computing and storage building blocks. You get the complete infrastructure - clustered compute resource, memory, storage, network, interconnects, cluster management and software development tools - all preconfigured and pre-installed in a single 42U rack.

Plus, you can scale to meet your needs with up to 512 CPU cores, 1.5 terabytes of memory and 540 terabytes of Dell NFS and Lustre file system storage, interconnected across a 10Gbit Ethernet or Infiniband network.

Designing your HPC Platform

Leave it to us to design your HPC platform, pre-integrate it in our factory, deploy it in your current environment and support your new infrastructure with end-to-end services. You benefit from:
  • The expertise of PhD-trained bioinformatics solutions architects
  • A single source for solution design, delivery and support
  • Cost savings with flexible leasing options from Dell Financial Services
  • Dell deployment services, infrastructure and applications consulting offerings, and 24-hour support